You are the ELITE

The MTC ELITE Member point system is a tier ranking program set in place to reward the longevity and participation activity of all MTC members by offering gifts and discounts on annual membership renewals. Included with your membership, you are automatically enrolled in the ELITE Member program.

Ranks and Rewards

Tan ELITE Member
25 points
10% off membership renewals.
Tan ELITE kit –tan rear hat patch and T-shirt.
1 free MTC event entry gift certificate.

Grey ELITE Member
50 points
20% off membership renewals.
Grey ELITE kit – grey rear hat patch and T-shirt.
1 free MTC 1 day class gift certificate.

Green ELITE Member
100 points
30% off membership renewals
Green ELITE kit – green rear hat patch and T-shirt
1 free MTC membership year gift certificate

Brown ELITE Member
175 points
40% off membership renewals.
Brown ELITE kit – brown rear hat patch and T-shirt.
1 free MTC 2 day course gift certificate.

Black ELITE Member
250 points
50% off membership renewals.
Black ELITE kit – black rear hat patch and T-shirt.
2 free MTC membership years gift certificate.

Earning Points

  • Years as MTC member: 2 points for each year as a member.
    • Points are accumulative and any lapse in membership zeros out ALL points! 
  • New member referrals:  5 points for each new member referral.
MTC Training
  • Handgun-
    • Defensive Handgun 1: 3 points
    • Defensive Handgun 2: 4 points
  • Precision Rifle-
    • Long Range 1: 1 point
    • Long Range 2: 4 points
    • Long Range 3: 4 points
    • 5 day Precision Rifle: 7 points
    • Ammo Hand Loading: 1 point
    • Advanced Ballistics/Data Day: 1 point
    • Spotter Responsibilities: 1 point
    • Alternate Shooting Positions: 2 points
    • Holds and Leads: 2 points
    • Angular Shooting: 1 point
    • Low Light Conditions: 1 point
    • Wind Reading Clinic: 1 point
  • Carbine-
    • CQC: 1 point
    • Carbine 1: 2 points
    • Carbine 2: 2 points
  • Field Skills-
    • FS1 Observation: 1 point
    • FS2 Advanced Concealment: 2 point
    • FS3 Orienteering: 1 point
MTC Events
  • Small Bore Sniper: 1 point
  • Zombie Survival Training: 1 point
  • Gunstock: 1 point
  • Friendly Fire: 1 point
Volunteer work at mtc
  • Organized working party days: 3 point per day
  • A list of miscellaneous volunteer tasks will be published in the MTC ELITE Member cloud drive folder.
  • Personal volunteer projects will be approved on a case by case basis.
Extracurricular activities outside of mtc
  • MTC Ambassador:
    • New member referrals: 5 points for each new member reffered.
    • Bring a participating friend (non member) to a class/event: 1 point per person
    • Represent MTC at outside competitions by wearing MTC apparel: 1 point per event (maximum 5 points per year).  Double points for a win with photo. 
    • Represent MTC at a local gun show by wearing MTC apparel. If possible converse with vendors and guest about MTC: 1 point per year.
    • Write an honest AAR of your experience at your last MTC event (competition or instruction) on your favorite web forum. see details: 1 point per event (maximum 3 points per year)
  • Knowledge is Power:
    • Read 3 books on the MTC recommended reading list: 1 point per year.
  • Health and Fitness:
    • Join a local gym, martial arts academy or participate in at least one 5k race (must submit proof of attendance): 1 point per year.