Frequently Asked Questions

General Membership Questions

Q: How much recreational range time will I get with a membership?
A: Training and special events have priority.  Other than that, the range is open for recreation all year. You can check our range calendar online at any time prior to travelling for availability.

Q: Why do you not have an address listed?
A: The range is located outside Lake City, Michigan. We do have an actual street address, but maping software misplaces the physical location by several miles.  We provide easy to follow driving directions.

Q: Can I use an electronic range finder when I shoot recreationally?
A: Yes – Once your membership application is approved, you can use whatever means required to accurately acquire the distance to your UKD target - Including our pre-filled range cards available to members. As a necessary step in nonabrasive membership vetting, we do require our members to have working knowledge of mil reticles for range estimation.

Q: I have never shot long distance but am eager to learn - When will your classes be available?
A: Check our training calendar, or view individual class pages for next scheduled course.

Q: Are the membership fees prorated to a specific time of year?
A: No. Your membership renewal will be required one year from the day your membership is activated.

Q: Will my membership fee go up next year?
A: So long as you maintain an active membership your renewal price will be locked in at your initial rate. If your membership expires, however, you will need to reapply for membership at the most current rate.

Q: What background do the owners of MTC possess?
A: See our company profile page.

Q: What does MTC do with my registration fee?
A: All membership fees are reinvested in range imporvements.

Family Membership Questions

Q: I am under 18 years old - Can I still shoot?
A: If you are ages 10 to 17 and listed as a dependent under an active family membership, you may shoot with supervision of your listed guardian.

Q: May I bring more than 1 youth dependent with me to the range?
A: Yes - Although you may only supervise one shooting dependent at a time. It is best to have the non-shooting dependent act as a spotter or coach while sitting behind the active shooting youth. These practices build the foundation for a safe and educational experience for all.

Shooter and Spotter Membership Questions

Q: Can I shoot alone or do I need to bring my spotter?
A: You may shoot alone, although to maximize your MTC experience we highly encourage the use of a spotter – The main reason we’ve initiated this discounted membership program.

Q: If I enroll in a Shooter and Spotter membership, can I bring a non-member to the range as my spotter?
A: No - For a few reasons, but the largest of them being legality and liability.

Professional Membership Questions

Q: What proof of service do you require to qualify for a professional membership rate?
A: One of the following from your military or law enforcement career -

  • If still active, a scanned copy of your CAC card or Department/Agency credentials.
  • If retired, a scanned copy of your last DD214 or Dept/Agency retirement letter.

Q: Do I qualify as a private security guard?
A: If your organization has been partially deputized or has been enlisted in MCOLES you may qualify.

Non Member Questions

Q: Are you offering a day rate for non-members?
A: Not at this time. After we can judge the amount of weekend traffic at the range, we may open specific days to a minimal amount of non-members for KD and UKD practice.

Q: Can my organization utilize MTC’s range and/or facilities for private use.
A: Yes, but restrictions apply. Email us for more information.


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