Range Rules & Regulations

The 4 Universal Firearms Safety Rules

  1. Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
  2. Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot - Know your target and its background.
  3. Keep your weapon on safe until you are ready to fire.
  4. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you intend to fire.

To discharge your firearm you must

  1. Have a target - Know your target.
  2. Sight alignment and sight picture.
  3. Conscious decision to destroy your target.

MTC Range Rules

  1. No guests are allowed without prior approval from the Marksmanship Training Center.
  2. Use the universal firearms safety rules ALWAYS.
  3. Raise/lower the RED range safety flag prior/after to using the range.
  4. Raise/lower the BLACK range flag prior/after going downrange beyond 300 yards nd post the "Personel Down Range" sign.
  5. Firearms are to be loaded on the firing line with the weapon pointed down range.
  6. Use of eye and ear protection is mandatory. The wearing of long sleeves, pants, and baseball cap is recommended.
  7. Anyone may call “cease fire” when any unsafe condition occurs.
  8. Every round you fire must strike inside the designated impact area downrange.
  9. Use appropriate ammo and firearms on designated targets and ranges.
    • Use ball ammo on steel targets on the 25/100 pistol ranges. Minimum distance of 10 yards for handgun, 100 yards for carbines.
    • Impact velocity must be below 3000fps for steel targets on all ranges - know your ballistic data.
    • Absolutely no steel core, AP or SLAP rounds on steel targets. (including 5.56 green tips).
    • Big bore shooters will use paper targets in the 100 yard bay to zero. Designated BMG square steel targets located at 300y, 550y, 700y and 1050 yards.
  10. Wildlife are not authorized targets.
  11. If there is no Range Officer on duty:
    • Use the range only during posted operating times.
    • All shooters are to remain behind the firing line while range is hot.
    • All ranges are static for unsupervised recreational shooting.
    • Unload all firearms while range is cold.
    • DO NOT touch or manipulate your weapon or sights while the range is cold.
    • 25 and 100 yard range goes cold as needed to change targets.
  12. Parents must supervise ALL children at ALL times.
    • Maintain a 1 guardian to 1 dependent ratio while engaged in ANY firearms handling.
    • Act as coach, mentor, and safety officer for dependent - Providing your undivided attention toward enforcing proper safety and marksmanship fundamentals.
  13. Please clean up after yourself.
  14. Check range availability prior to coming to the range.
  15. Agencies may often “reserve” ranges during weekdays only. Scheduled competitions and training have priority over recreational shooting.

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