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Location : MTC Target audience:
Sportsmen, Reloaders, Competitors, Designated Marksman
8 Shooters Maximum

This course is a combination of scientific data collection in a controlled laboratory type setting and data analysis while using technology to calculate accurate firing solutions to increase 1st round hit probability. If you want to learn how to SAVE TIME AND MONEY gathering DOPE, you should get in on this Data Day.

The focus will be on the technical capabilities of your rifle, optics, and ammunition. Throughout this day participants will measure cold bore deviation, perform group test, measure muzzle velocity & explain in detail MV standard deviation, long range wind zero, collaborate 1st and 2nd focal plane reticles, collect and analyze comprehensive weather data, collect comprehensive weather data, and detailed instruction on use of ballistic software firing solutions as well as measure trigger pull, rifle weight, scope tracking, mil/moa reticle calibration verification. You can use our torque wrenches and scope level bubbles too.

  • Training indoor and outdoor
  • Lunch will be provided.
  • After training is over, feel free to pound steel at your leisure.

Gear List Gear List


  • Scoped rifle of choice to test
  • Approximately 55+ rounds of ammo to test
    - Less if you prefer not to conduct all the offered
    - If time permits, participants may test additional rifles/ammo loads
  • Rear support (bean bag / sand sock / lead sled)
    - If you don't have a bag then bring 2 old boot socks and we'll help you make one.
  • Note taking gear (pencil, note book, etc) Data Book if you have one.
  • Clothing suitable for indoor/outdoor activities
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Camp chair for down time
  • Sun screen and bug juice

If you have a favorite ballistics software program bring it. We will be using several programs - Ballistic AE will be the primary for the staff.

8 SHOOTERS MAXIMUM - to ensure a quality experience for attendees.